• Our signature "Gong Fu Tea" is made of premium Tie Guan Yin tea leaves from Anxi, China. This tea goes through a series of processes before it is sent for roasting, scenting and finally packing. The whole process is complex and that requires years of expertise. 


    This tea has very strong character and it leaves you a sweet after taste. 


    Effects: Anti-Oxidization, Facilitate digestion, Reducing blood cholesterol levels


    THICKNESS in terms of the substance not the strength: 4/5


    FINISH in terms of the lasting taste on your tongue after swallowing: 4/5


    AROMA (Fruity): 3/5


    Net Weight 100g & Total Weight 135g 




    質感(茶湯的濃度): 4/5
    回甘(飲後的餘韻): 4/5
    香氣(果香): 3/5


    茶葉重100克,   茶葉連包装共重135克


    Gong Fu Tea (工夫茶)

    • All teas in our collection are ‘hand selected, hand wrapped and hand packed’ with our utmost care and effort.

    • All orders are packed carefully at our shops in Hong Kong and all orders are sent by Hongkong Post.