• Our "Grand Palace Tea mix" is made up of Premium Oolong Tea,  Premium Rose buds and Osmanthus. This tea is with strong flowery fragrance and very nice sweet-bitter aftertaste.


    Apart from the traditional way of making warm tea with these tea bags, you may also prepare cold brew tea drinks by letting the tea bags to infuse with cold water for 2 hours (Try setting it in the refrigerator for extra freshness during the hot summer and bottle it and bringing it with you when going outside).  


    Effects: Anti-Oxidization, Anti-stress, Aiding for weight management 


    THICKNESS in terms of the substance not the strength: 3/5


    FINISH in terms of the lasting taste on your tongue after swallowing: 2/5


    AROMA (Bouquet): 4/5


    Net Weight 100g & Total Weight 135g 


    淺啜甘留味 細飲挽餘香,選用上等的福建烏龍茶葉,配上等玫瑰花和桂花而成。先聞其香,再嘗其味,細飲,齒頰留香。有消肥減胖,養顏怡神,柔肝理氣,除煩益思之效。夏天可選用冷泡法沖泡,可消暑解渴,清香甘甜。

    質感(茶湯的濃度): 3/5
    回甘(飲後的餘韻): 2/5
    香氣(花香): 4/5


    茶葉重100克,   茶葉連包装共重135g




    Multi-Herb Slim Rose Oolong Tea (宮延烏龍茶)

    • All teas in our collection are ‘hand selected, hand wrapped and hand packed’ with our utmost care and effort.

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