• Our premium quality Oolong Tea is a kind of semi-fermented tea from Fujian province of China. It is rich in flavour, strong in floral fragrance and with sweet after taste. 


    Effects: Anti-Oxidization, Facilitate Digestion, Reducing blood cholesterol levels


    THICKNESS in terms of the substance not the strength: 4/5


    FINISH in terms of the lasting taste on your tongue after swallowing: 3/5


    AROMA (Floral): 4/5


    Net Weight 100g & Total Weight 135g 



    質感(茶湯的濃度): 4/5
    回甘(飲後的餘韻): 3/5
    香氣(花香): 4/5


    茶葉重100克,   茶葉連包装共重135g


    Oolong Tea (烏龍茶)

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