• The tea is made in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan. The tea becomes mild after pile-fermentation with ancient aroma and wood scent and a mellow and thick taste.

    It can reduce cholesterol levels and prevent heart diseases. It may be stored for a long time when the storage conditions are met.

    Types: Puerh Tea

    Effects: Anti-Oxidization, Facilitate Digestion

    Packed in: HK, Origin: Yunnan

    Net Weight 150g & Total Weight 280g 



    茶類: 普洱茶

    功效: 抗氧化, 消滯去膩, 降膽固醇

    茶葉重150克, 茶葉連包装共重280克

    Royal Puerh Tea (宮廷普洱)


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