• Pearl Jasmine tea is also known as Jasmine Hydrangea or T'ai Chi Pearl.

    Its body is made of soft buds of the quality Da Bai tea trees in Fuding,

    Fujian scented with jasmine. The hairy buds are fat and bold and covered with silvery fuzz.

    Pearl Jasmine tea is named because it is made in the shape of a pearl with craftsmanship.

    It has a delicate fragrance of jasmine with a sweet aftertaste.

    Types: Jasmine Tea

    Effects: Anti-Oxidization, Relaxing

    Packed in: HK, Origin: Fujian

    Net Weight 150g & Total Weight 280g 




    茶類: 茉莉花茶(香片)

    功效: 抗氧化, 鬆弛神經, 降膽固醇

    茶葉重150克, 茶葉連包装共重280克


    Pearl Jasmine Tea (龍珠茶-茉莉花茶)


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