• Monkey Pick Oolong Tea is named with the implication being that the tea is rare and of high quality and is the best oolong tea.

    According to legend, it was named because the people who plucked the tea leaves at the hillsides looked like monkeys.

    High grade oolong tea of Anxi is selected to make the tea with refreshing scent and a sweet aftertaste.

    Types: Oolong Tea

    Effects: Anti-Oxidization, Relaxing

    Packed in: HK, Origin: Fujian

    Net Weight 150g & Total Weight 280g 



    茶類: 馬騮搣茶-清香鐵觀音

    功效: 抗氧化, 消滯去膩, 降膽固醇

    茶葉重150克, 茶葉連包装共重280克

    Monkey Pick Oolong Tea (馬騮搣茶-清香鐵觀音)