With Our

Speciality Tea Collection

Our Speciality Tea Collection

Explore our unique decorated tea collection which consists of 5 different types of teas.
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Hand Selected

With more then half a century experience in Chinese teas, we select our teas by hand

Hand Packed

Each box of tea is sealed by hand to preserve the best quality

Hand Wrapped

Each type of tea has a custom and unique design 

Sent by Air

Each shipment is send by the trusthworthy Hongkong Post

Perfect for a hot summer day

Many people believe that cold-infused tea have a stronger flavor than hot brewed tea, depending of the tea used. Try to experiment with the different types of tea you have available.

Ingredients for Iced Tea

Water pitcher/bottle that can be closed;

Black/Green/Oolong or Herbal tea bag (1 for 4 cups);

Lemon slice for garnishing.


To make cold-infused tea, simply put a few tea bags and cold water...


This 5 Step guide gives you a starting point to develop your personal tea rituals.

Discover your personal preference

To find your personal flavor preference, try to adjust the amount of tea, brewing time and brewing temperature. For example lowering the water temperature will usually result in a milder and sweeter taste. On the other hand the hotter you brew, the darker and more robust your tea will be.

An exception to thi...

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